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The importance of UX and UI design

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The success of any mobile app or website can depend on how the design and functionalities are portrayed to the end user. Each design requires the correct combination of excellent user experience with creative, eye catching elements to help increase traffic, user retention and ROI.

It is a not always an easy balance to achieve. At SRC our experienced designers consider a multitude of aspects before initiating any design project :

  • Client Brief & Objectives
  • Target Audience & Market
  • Comprehensive Sitemap
  • Wireframes & User Flow Charts
  • Functionality
  • Navigation
  • Brand & Brand Guidelines
  • Effective Colour Scheme
  • Original Content to be Used
  • Imagery & Video
  • Call to Actions
  • Devices
  • Internet Browsers

With every mobile app and website project we not only place emphasis on the end user and the user experience (UX), but we also pay attention to the user interface (UI) aspect as this will lead to the overall user experience.


So, what is UX and UI design?

UX covers all the functionalities, content and any interactivity of a website or mobile app. Prior to any project our UX designers work through structured phases to ensure a smooth transition from one step to another. We consider the planning phase which is investigating and considering the best way to produce and present the design, the wireframes which showcase where all the functionalities, text images and video etc are going to be located and then finally the actual design which is the way that the project will look visually.

The user interface design (UI) needs to represent the overall user experience when it comes to the functionalities that are visible. Our UI designers need to arrange how the designs are best presented. Each page is carefully crafted considering how users interact, what icons to use, where best to present the content and call to actions, incorporate the brand colours and introducing other complimenting colours.

Combining both UX and UI differ but when used correctly together form the basis of an excellent design. They are often appreciated as two separate sections but it is important that before you start any project that your design company is aware of both important components as they are closely related and need to share the same vision, accessibility and overall complete user satisfaction.

With expectations that within the next 3 years a customer experience will overtake price and product as a key product differentiator it is Sugar Rush Creative's aim to help make all projects a success.

With our experienced designers we can help increase sales by ensuring that your customers :-

  • can easily navigate through your app or site and easily find what they are looking for.
  • are happy and enjoy interacting with your app or site and less likely to become frustrated or disengaged.
  • have an app or website that is designed with your customer and target audience in mind so it is easily marketed to them. Therefore, you get the right customer and the right product is presented in the right way to them.
  • buying and contact process is made smoothly, easily and delightfully as possible to ensure repeat business.

Our designers get energised from client projects and consider every aspect through a clear but flexible process. We ensure that all elements of a design is considered, delivered and exceeds users expectations. So, if you have a project that needs a creative flair with structured planning then get in touch. We are waiting for your call!


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