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Enterprise Apps vs Consumer Apps

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Sure an App is an App…right? Not quite!

We are seeing a seismic shift within the business world as they explore the benefits and embrace Mobile App technology like never before. While Consumer Apps figure out best route to market and fine tune their revenue model, Enterprise Apps are figuring out how to best communicate with their employees, monitor productivity, streamline complex process’s and look for cost saving where possible.

As a digital agency we are the first to admit that tech is at times difficult to stay on top of but as business’s are now exposed to the terminologies such as big data, Augmented Reality, Wearables and Artificial Intelligence, there is an eagerness within the business community to understand how this can innovate and evolve their companies.

Enterprise Apps

Unlike Consumer Apps the Enterprise Apps are not on the public store and Enterprise Apps are for distribution to company staff only. Enterprise Apps have a more rigorous submission process by Apple which isn’t a bad thing as this will give added security and peace of mind for companies when distributing their App. Apple will focus not only on the App credentials but also background and legal verifications on the company. An Enterprise App license is more commonly allocated to the company rather than the App developer.

Consumer Apps

Consumer Apps are submitted to the full store and anyone can download them. When submitting a Consumer app to the Apple store there will be more focus on the App credentials rather than verifying the company as long as you have an Apple Developers Program license. Consumer Apps are more commonly deployed with a commercial focus such as Social Media Apps, Gaming Apps, Delivery Apps, Music Apps, eCommerce Apps or Health Apps. Consumer Apps would heavily consider their route to market and post launch strategies.

What is consistent in both Enterprise & Consumer Apps is the UX & UI design approach at the start of each project. The Sugar Rush Creative team take a pragmatic approach to understanding a User’s journey and behaviour before development. One clear objective for both Enterprise & Consumer apps is that they must be User-friendly regardless of design.


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