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Best user experience recognition for historic SEAG project

Tim Wilson

Head of Marketing

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Sugar Rush, a leading software and mobile app development agency based in Belfast and London, specialising in custom software development and digital transformation, was recently retained by the Schools Entrance Assessment Group (SEAG) to develop the first-ever online system dedicated to registration and results for the Northern Ireland transfer test. This gateway test, has had both passionate supporters and critics, and as such digitising it demanded an approach that prioritised inclusive usability. Through extensive consultation workshops and deep discussions, Sugar Rush gained a comprehensive understanding of the process's pain points and unique requirements.

Inclusive Design Meets Multilingual Accessibility

Prior to launch, the system underwent two months of rigorous testing to ensure a consistent and accessible experience across all devices and for users of all abilities, including those with visual, motor, and situational impairments. Recognising the diverse user base, the site was also made fully accessible in both English and Irish, empowering parents of over 18,000 children to easily register, securely upload personal information, and manage their applications.

Celebrating Success and Planning for the Future

With the historically significant announcement of all results being published digitally for the first time, Sugar Rush and SEAG celebrated the project's success. The core values of usability, user experience, and ease of use were clearly evident throughout the development process, leading to a positive reception from both SEAG and users. As Michael Carville, Chairman of SEAG, stated in an interview with the BBC before the results weekend, "the organisation was confident its digital platform would be able to cope with the demand."

Looking Ahead

Expanding upon this achievement, Sugar Rush and SEAG are actively strategising additional features and advancements for the platform to better serve future Users and enhance administrative functionalities. This project exemplifies the power of custom software development and digital transformation in streamlining complex processes and ensuring digital accessibility for all.

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We applaud the SEAG team for their dedication and commitment to reforming this legacy testing process and thank them for their trust in our Software development skills to deliver the Digital Transformation much needed in this area of Northern Ireland education.


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