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Further-Space AR VR Project
Further-Space AR VR Project

Bringing innovative glamping solutions to life!

The Challenge

Getting Partners excited, engaged and onboard with glamping.

Currently operating across both Ireland, Scotland and with plans for England and Wales, Further Space provides guests with home comforts in wild places via their pod holidays with a difference. Their vision is to go beyond the ordinary and let customers stay somewhere exclusive, cosy and stylish right in the heart of nature. The locations are breathtaking, the challenge is to encourage guests to gain confidence in the pods and embrace a glamping adventure.

The Approach

Researching the experience.

Our research and investigation around glamping and holidays provided an insight into the platforms and processes that holidaying guests often look for or use. It goes without saying that the locations sold themselves and once guests experienced the pods, the majority of feedback was positive, “We didn't realise how roomy they are!” being a common statement. Armed with this knowledge, Sugar Rush had identified a key area for enhancement, let's bring the pods to the people using Augmented Reality (AR).

Placing the virtual pod into real world locations

Sugar Rush started by processing all the various designs for the pods and fed this into the process of creating digitised blueprints for the AR model. The blueprints are then used to build an AR model of the pods that are an exact replica in size and scale to the real life pods. With the aim of matching the real life counterpoint, Photographed textures were then applied to the different areas within the digital model.

Virtual tour of glamping pod
VR APP Design

All aboard the virtual tour.

Using a tablet or phone, users deploy the AR model to any surface for a true visual sign of scale. Guests can walk around the pod, open the door and investigate the living space, kitchen and bathroom with ease. Potential partners can also see how a pod might look on their land or scrutinise the best view from the guests bed position inside the pod. With the £D model now built, we also added this into a Meta Quest for a full Virtual Reality (VR) Experience.


The number of holidayers willing to try a unique experience and break the norm with a glamping holiday or break.

Further-Space AR VR Apps
The Result

360° engagement.

The ability for partners and guests to experience 360 engagement of the pods in any location has armed Further Space with a key selling tool. The AR & VR experience allows full walk around and interactions of key touch points within the space. One such example is how the space looks when the bed folds up, this triggered the animation by clicking a highlighted touchpoint on the device. The AR and VR models has proved its worth by providing true scale visualisations for pod positioning and allowing guests to see the first hand benefits the pods bring to the glamping experience.