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Revealed: Mobile Apps That Should Be On Your Radar

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You may think the repertoire of apps loitering on your smartphone is perfectly fine, functional even. But we think you can do better than just fine.

We're here to enlighten you on the apps that should definitely be on your radar. Who knows? They might just come in handy. Perhaps when you next find yourself panic-stricken on your bi-weekly cinema trip after gulping one too many Coke Zero's, desperately wishing you could teleport to the ladies without missing a pivotal second of the film (stay tuned, I promise it'll make sense) - maybe then you'll find yourself thinking... "oh wait, I have an app for that". You. Are. Welcome.

So, if you're in dire need of some respite from your mundane online banking or grocery ordering apps, we're here to introduce a little more sparkle to your smartphone.

Paint My Place

We've all been there, and there's zero judgement from this end. That quarter-life-crisis-induced desire to paint your entire home peacock green. But slow down. Before you roll your sleeves up and grasp your paintbrush with a wide-eyed eagerness to never to see your fresh white walls again, we've got a digital solution to your dilemma.

With "Paint My Place" (the free mobile app), simply snap a picture of your living space and virtually test-drive whichever colour tickles your fancy. The emphasis here is on "virtual"... therefore, crucially, no walls will be harmed in the making of your multi-coloured dream house. And who knows? Maybe BumbleBee yellow in the bedroom is a good idea, after all.

Paint My Place App


Let us set a bleak, yet all too familiar, scene. It's 6.30pm on a Wednesday, you've just about made it through the minefield that is rush hour traffic and you open your fridge to find... a cucumber, a half-empty packet of cheese and three quarters of a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

We're here to tell you that you can achieve a level of Adulting you didn't think possible with "Mealime". Use the *godsend* of an app to plan your meals for the whole working week, with any dietary requirements, allergies, or just foods you can't stand, omitted (mushrooms, anyone?). The app will make sure your weekly shopping list aligns. So, no more chaotic corner shop runs for Dairylea Luncheables at 10pm, that in itself is a win.

Wanna Kicks

This, in our eyes, is a public service announcement. If you're as sneaker-obsessed as we are, you need to download this app imminently. It uses Augmented Reality to let you try on that new trainer release you've been eyeing up for weeks, plus it lets you rotate your feet and your camera angle to really inspect before you invest (do my feet look big in these?).

This is great news for you, the consumer, and also the retailer, as the try-before-you-buy format ameliorates return rates and maximises buyer confidence. Genius!

Wanna kicks


If you're a cinema fanatic, you'll want to meet the creator of this app and give them a pat on the back (or a tearful 'thank-you' monologue, depending on your personal investment in the film industry). Let us explain...

Have you ever been so enthralled in a film at the cinema, yet simultaneously so desperate to empty your bladder... determined to hold off until the promise of a 'boring part' comes around? With RunPee, you can "press for pee-times" to ensure you'll miss none of the action - plus read a synopsis of what you've missed.

If you think this app is ludicrous, you've clearly never sat through "Frozen 2" while nature is calling (or in our case, screaming). We give it a 10/10.


Let's face it, we all imagine we'll get a tattoo and automatically morph into David Beckham. With this app, you can 'try-before-buy' (or more aptly, try-before-you-permanently-mark).

Maybe you've designed an awesome tattoo, but aren't sure which body part it'll most meticulously flatter. Or perhaps you're just curious if you've done enough bicep curls to warrant that full-sleeve you've been longing for since your 14th birthday. Inkhunter is the app for you.


High Ball

This is what we'd call a 'classy app'. It's an app you'd take home to meet the parents. One that would take pride of place on your smartphone.

We've all been perched at a bar at one time or another, bemused by the majestical ability of the barman (or lady) to memorise each individual cocktail component; to use a swizzle stick which such finesse; to rim a glass so seamlessly. With Highball, you can memorise, test and share your favourite cocktail recipes... or create your own professionally designed 'recipe cards' for other users to check out themselves.

So become the Gordon Ramsey of the cocktail world, give it a go.

Highball: Tech Crunch Photo Credit


It's apt tagline "I've got 99 problems, but a flight ain't one" is perfectly enlightening to this platform's function - it's also totally imprecise in our current landscape, but we'll let that one slide. AHOY is the travel app you've always longed for, it's a one-stop-shop for your travel needs. built with businessmen - and women - in mind (but equally useful for those of us who don't fall into that category).

AHOY is like the personal assistant of the travel world - it allows you to book flights up to one hour before take off; to access a 'travel expert' when you (inevitably) encounter logistical malfunctions; and to make your airport experience as seamless and stress-free as possible.

The truth is, there's too many awesome apps out there to just make do with the apps that have been hanging around on your smartphone since day one. Experiment with new platforms, embrace new capabilities and skills that can be absorbed from mobile apps: be at one with the world of tech.


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