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Back to the Future

Ali MacFarlane


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Back to the future!

Moving into a new year and reflecting back, can form a good part of the overall 2023 Sugar Rush strategy. The things we got right and the things we got “not so” right. I know its very clichéd to make statements such as “2022 was THE best year” or “2022 was such a GREAT year, can’t wait to SMASH 2023” …but the truth is 2022 was an amazing year for Sugar Rush and as a team we want to maximise that success this year.

In 2022 we embraced a new era in Sugar Rush by launching a rebrand, a new website with a more focused message and we also completed our very own internal digital platform. Let’s also not forget the team being recognised "again" for ‘Best Mobile App of the Year 2022’ at The Digital DNA's in Belfast and ‘Best in Digital Transformation 2022’ by the largest Tech Awards in Ireland, at the The Spider Awards in Dublin. We felt with all the progressive change, so it's only fitting we treat ourselves to new Belfast based office. Having now left the Gasworks for the bright lights, hustle and bustle of Bedford Street.

Spider Awards
Some of the team attending The Spider Awards 2022

One of the best aspects of being an agency like Sugar Rush is working on such an eclectic selection of client projects which touch all sectors of the business world. The most fundamental element to any successful project is collaboration and communication with our clients. In 2022 we boasted successful delivery into a number of key sectors such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Entertainment, Retail, Beverage, Engineering, Public Sector, Energy and Compliance.

New Sugar Rush Offices
New Sugar Rush office space

I guess that’s what sets us apart from our competition, by undertaking unique and exciting projects that push boundaries, create new opportunities and ultimately help our clients with digital transformation. It’s a truly exceptional space we work in.

2023 will mark Sugar Rush’s 20th year in business and what a journey it has been. We have seen some good trends and bad trends, we have experienced an ever changing landscape within Business and how each client can successfully navigate with our help. We’ve learnt so much over the years and as the lights fade on 2022 we’ll look forward to a bright future in 2023 with vigour and excitement as to where our clients will take us.

Here’s looking back to the future!




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